Our services

What we offer

Our team offers you concrete solutions to market and develop your brand:

Drawing up a strategic plan

The strategic plan (Business Plan) summarizes all the different stages from market analysis, product registration with public and European bodies, to local operational launch.

We pay particular attention to the product mix of each brand, in conjunction with market specificities.
Our team works with our partners, using local market studies (Eurominor, Iqvia, Nielsen…), to study the development potential of products and their evolution over 5 years.

We draw up ambitious trade plans to meet the targets set with our partners.

Complete logistics management

Management of all international and local logistics. We work with the best logisticians in the country to cover the national territory (48-hour delivery) in B2B as well as B2C (Canal Digital).

Our logistics center can respond to any request and adapt to the specific needs of your products.

Provision of a team

This team can be shared and/or exclusive. It adapts to your needs, wishes and ambitions.

We can provide a marketing team (product manager, etc.), offline and online key account managers, pharmaceutical representatives, trainers, medical representatives and beauty consultants.


We work with specialist players and agencies in this segment.

We integrate social network management, either in-house or via a service provider, to adapt your brand’s development in line with your strategy and objectives.

Distribution channels

On the offline side, we work with independent pharmacies and Swiss pharmacy chains. We also cover department stores (Manor), organic stores, beauty salons, perfumeries and dispensing medical practices.

Online, we work with all national players, as well as international ones if necessary (B2B). If required, we can set up your brand’s own e-commerce site (B2C).

International development

We can help you develop your brands in over 50 countries.

Our expertise in commercial distribution agreements and in setting up business units will be an asset to your success.

Our Swiss partners

Our team offers you concrete solutions for marketing and developing your brand in Switzerland, working with the best players in the market.

Find and obtain our products at our preferred partners and in all Swiss pharmacies.

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