Biology at the service of dermatology

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Because skin health must be accessible to all, Laboratoire Bioderma develops products for everyone, at every age and for every skin type, drawing on its expertise in skin biology and its specialization in dermatology.

In collaboration with health professionals, our products are designed to preserve skin health and provide specific, appropriate responses to skin dysfunction.

The skin is alive, with the resources it needs to protect, regulate and regenerate itself. But its ecosystem can be disrupted and require specific support.

Reactive skin, dry to atopic skin, acne-prone skin… Bioderma acts on the biological causes of skin disorders, to help skin regain and maintain its natural balance. This principle is a founding pillar of ecobiology, the distinctive, respectful approach inspired by NAOS for over 40 years, which lies at the heart of Bioderma products.

Prescribed and recommended by over 150,000 healthcare professionals worldwide (dermatologists, pediatricians, oncologists, hospital staff and pharmacists), Bioderma products are adapted to every skin sensitivity, and in generous formats for the whole family.

For every skin type,
a Bioderma answer

Because every skin is different and unique, Bioderma addresses each skin type with a specific biological response.

Bioderma products are designed to respond to every problem, improving the skin’s tolerability, resistance and adaptability to its environment.


Dry, very dry skin or skin prone to atopic eczema

Atoderm, a range dedicated to rebuilding the skin’s protective barrier.

Thanks to patented SKIN PROTECT, SKIN BARRIER THERAPY ™ and SKIN RELIEF technology, Atoderm products biologically recreate a healthy skin barrier.

Skin is more resistant, skin irritation and scratching are reduced, and itching is soothed. Permanently.


Sensitive skin

Sensibio, a range dedicated to preserving sensitive, sensitized skin and its natural biology in the face of multiple environmental aggressions.

Biological patents TOLERIDINE ™ and ROSACTIV ™, as well as MICELLAIRE and DEFENSIVE TECHNOLOGY help rebalance sensitive skin.

The skin is soothed, more resistant and therefore better protected against aggression. Permanently.


Combination to oily and acne-prone skin

Sébium, a range dedicated to rebalancing combination to oily skin with a tendency to acne.

Thanks to its SEBORESTORE TECHNOLOGY (FLUIDACTIV ™ + BAKUCHIOL PATENT), a unique combination of antioxidant active ingredients, Sebium acts and durably blocks dysseborrhea, by limiting sebum oxidation.

Skin is clean, soothed and purified. Permanently.


Skin and sun

Photoderm, a range dedicated to reinforcing the natural defenses of sun-sensitive skin.

BIODERMA offers unique dual protection against the sun: external with very high UVA/UVB protection, but also internal thanks to the BIOPROTECTION TM CELLULAR PATENT, which acts deep down to protect cells.

BIODERMA allows you to enjoy the sun in complete safety. Permanently.


Damaged skin

Cicabio, the range dedicated to repairing damaged skin, acting at every stage of the biological process of epidermal reconstruction.

Thanks to the active ingredient Antalgicine, Cicabio skincare immediately soothes the sensation of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch. The skin barrier is repaired. Permanently.

The color of all the products in the range is due to the active ingredients.


Sensitive, dehydrated skin

Hydrabio, a range dedicated to deep skin rehydration.

Thanks to AQUAGENIUM TM PATENT, the skin barrier is healthier and more resistant to pollution. Permanently.


Hair and scalp

Nodé, the range dedicated to care for all hair and scalp types.

BIODERMA has created the 1st NON-detergent shampoo.

The NO-DÉtergence concept cleanses hair while preserving its protective hydrolipidic film, respecting the physiology and balance of hair and scalp. Hair is in perfect health. Permanently.


Pediatric dermatology

ABCDerm is a range dedicated to baby’s skin, with all products formulated according to the ABCDerm dermatological commitment, guaranteeing high safety and tolerance for baby.

ABCDerm protects, nourishes and educates baby’s skin from day one, to better prepare it for future aggressions. Permanently.

40 years of innovation for every skin type

For over 40 years, Bioderma has been developing effective, innovative solutions to care for skin health.

The most widely recognized innovation is Sensibio H20 micellar water:


Sensibio H2O

Sensibio H20 is the first micellar water. Based on NAOS micellar technology, Sensibio has successfully met the challenge of cleansing the skin in depth while respecting it.

A no-rinse feat of innovation, the micelles it contains are inspired by the skin’s cell membranes: they have the power to attract and eliminate the finest impurities, make-up and pollution particles, while preserving the skin’s natural barrier to protect it from irritation.

A cult product, 1 is sold every 2 seconds worldwide.

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