Healthy, natural & eco-designed cosmetics!

THE reference range in clean beauty.
It responds to the current concerns of consumers: a healthy, natural, eco-designed, effective and 100% pleasure offer.


“At La Rosée, pharmacy has been at the heart of our thinking from the beginning.”

Coline & Mahault: Two pharmacists passionate about cosmetology and natural beauty.

At the pharmacy counter, we met women and men looking for a simpler, truer, more responsible offer, without superfluous and unfulfilled sophisticated promises.

We then wanted to create, for them as well as for us, ultra-clean products, up to 100% of natural origin and eco-designed. A committed brand in which we trust with our eyes closed.

Coline & Mahault, co-founders of La Rosée


Ultra-clean formulas

No controversial ingredients
for optimal tolerance.

Made in France

To encourage short circuits.

Very high naturalness

Formulas up to 100% natural origin
ORGANIC ingredients.

Optimal efficiency

Very well dosed active ingredients.

Eco-designed packaging

Constantly evolving to be at the cutting edge, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

100% pleasure

Exceptional galenics
favorite scents.

Range of products designed for the planet

Patronage around three axes: the land, the sea and the human.

Pharmacy exclusivity


La Rosée’s obsession: to banish all controversial ingredients from its formulations by creating the most natural products possible, with ultra-well-dosed active ingredients for maximum effectiveness and to preserve the planet through strong commitments.

La Rosée expertise: perfect hydration.
Moisturization is part of La Rosée’s DNA, because it is THE secret to beautiful skin.

The products are formulated as naturally as possible while maintaining an incomparable pleasure galenic and scents of the heart.

The products have all been tested under dermatological control, in clinical studies that have revealed their performance and cosmetic acceptability, as well as their maximum tolerance on sensitive skin.

The formulations are highly biodegradable and up to 100% natural origin!


Face care

Body care

Daily hygiene


Baby care: Changing table essentials

Ultra-safe, healthy, natural and effective formulations to take care of baby's fragile skin, from birth.

Small implantation

Bathroom essentials

Healthy natural and eco-designed range

Easy to recommend

Fair and affordable prices

Excellent on Yuka

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Healthy cosmetics, up to 100% natural and eco-friendly