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Biology at the service of aesthetics.
To accompany the beauty of women over time.

Institut Esthederm : A unique cosmetic approach

Institut Esthederm's starting point

Year 70

Jean-Noël Thorel
Forward-thinking founder

Sun lovers,
but allergic

French pharmacist and cell biologist Jean-Noël Thorel has shaken up the certainties of cosmetics by giving birth to a disruptive but respectful approach: ecobiology, or the art of preserving the skin’s ecosystem by strengthening its natural mechanisms. Rather than over-treating the skin, we must teach it to live…

Esthederm sun care products are unanimously welcomed by the women’s press. This success is due to different sunglasses that announce that all skin types are entitled to the sun.

Aging, intolerance, brown spots… are sun indications that will give birth to now cult products: Bronz Repair, Adaptasun, Intolérances Solaires, Photo Reverse.

Jean Noël Thorel then developed the patents and technologies that would support the effectiveness of each facial, body or sun care product and laid the foundations of the Esthederm philosophy: biology at the service of beauty.

The patents Eau Cellulaire (tissue water mimetic), Repair (dermal repair), UVinCellium (intracellular protection without filter or screen), Time Control System (antioxidant), are among the most advanced answers in terms of ageing support.

A pioneer in research on skin flora and its ecosystem, the microbiome, he developed a professional cleaning method:Osmoclean , which won the confidence of many beauticians.

Today, the performance and effectiveness of its formulas, the trust and respect of beauty professionals around the world, and the loyalty and attachment of its users, make Institut Esthederm a reference in skincare and suncare. Dedicated to all women concerned about preserving the youthfulness of their skin.

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The most advanced responses in terms of support for aging.

A unique approach

Cellular Water

At the heart of each Esthederm formula, cellular water

This patented antioxidant water, which stimulates cellular mechanisms, is at the heart of each Institut Esthederm product.

Water, the main component of a cosmetic product

Did you know that water is the main component of a cosmetic product? A cosmetic product contains on average 70% water, which is necessary for its formulation. Most traditional cosmetics contain distilled water, which is neutral and has no useful properties for the skin. At Institut Esthederm, we have selected cellular water. This unique water is a real ingredient that provides 100% active skin care.

A biomimetic water that is as close as possible to the water in the skin

Cellular Water is an active water precisely defined for its qualities close to the water naturally contained in the skin: pH or acidity, concentration in mineral salts, resistance to oxidation.

This particularity gives Institut Esthederm products an excellent affinity with the skin cells:

  • It recreates a natural environment that suits them perfectly
  • It stimulates the cellular mechanisms that preserve the youth capital: the cells live better.
  • The health capital of the cells is preserved, their capacity to fight against age and external aggressions is reinforced. Through its antioxidant action, it prevents the degradation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Age management

Patents & technologies

Highly recommended formulas
efficient and sensory

All our products and protocols are dedicated to the prevention and correction of the signs of aging.

Unique solar positioning

N° 1
With the sun, not without it

Originally, a pharmacist-biologist creator in love with the sun, whose convictions and stances go against the grain of conventional wisdom. There is no life without the sun, because man was born from the sun.

N° 2
The inequality of skin in the sun is not inevitable

From his past as a child with skin allergic to the sun, the creator of InstitutEsthederm imagined a cosmetic innovation: sun re-education, at the origin of the Sun Intolerance Treatment technology, which allows the exposure of reactive skin to the sun.

Its formula diffuses ingredients into the heart of the skin that allow it to adapt to the sun and tan without triggering any intolerance reactions. All skin types are entitled to the sun.

N° 3
Adaptation to the sun, rather than overexposure

Getting just the right amount of sunlight is necessary for the synthesis of melanin, a natural and very sexy protective pigment. The maximum screens limit this natural reaction, which is essential to a positive approach to the sun: no race to the high index.

N° 4
Tanning is the best protection

Under the action of UV, the synthesis of melanin increases, its ascent to the upper layers of the skin is accelerated. Tanning is a natural protective system against sunburn, DNA damage and oxidative stress.

This is the basis of the Adaptasun tanning patent, for a faster, more sustained, long-lasting tan.

N° 5
Tanning doesn't make you look older

While sun exposure triggers the beneficial synthesis of melanin, it can induce cellular damage that our skin is naturally programmed to neutralize: our cells are equipped with self-defense systems against excess free radicals and DNA damage.

In case of excess sunlight, these natural defenses become saturated and need to be optimized thanks to powerful cellular technologies. Global Cellular Protection is based on the neutralization of cellular and tissue damage caused by the sun.

N° 6
The SPF is not a sufficient indicator, it only informs on the sunburn

The SPF – used by the whole profession – does not inform the user about the capacity of the products to preserve the youth of the skin. It indicates the level of UVB protection (responsible for sunburn).

The many quantitative and, above all, qualitative parameters that an Esthederm sun care product takes into account when treating solar radiation cannot be reduced to a simple figure: UVA rays are just as, if not more, important than UVB rays.

It is this fight against the lack of SPF that will give Esthederm its distinctive signs that are now cult: Gentle Sun / Moderate Sun / Strong Sun

Institut Esthederm’s “suns” allow you to choose a sun care product adapted to the intensity of the sun.

Skin is our business

Seasonal, personalized, holistic diagnosis

Observation, skin touch, detailed questionnaire.

Sharing Art

Explanation of the different steps of the treatment

State-of-the-art Age Management treatment

Sensory protocols & proven effectiveness
Immediate results & lasting effects

Customized and evolving prescription

Professional advice on product routines for optimal results and lasting beauty

Home Education

Coaching of Expert methods for home application

The main ranges


The first step in your daily care routine, your Osmoclean cleanser rebalances the skin's flora and gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin.

Twice a week, offer your skin the know-how of "institute" cleansing thanks to the Esthederm professional method "gentle cleansing cream + gum mask".

Cellular Water

Eau Cellulaire spray, the first essential youthful gesture, is also the water in each Institut Esthederm formula.

Patented, ideally assimilated by the skin, booster of care, its benefits are multiple: energizing, anti-oxidant, hydrating. Complete moisturizing and antioxidant range. For all skin types.


This new skin care line allows the skin to regain density, nutrition and radiance. Women aged 50 and over now aspire to live in harmony with their age, and expect lasting beauty support.

Excellage allows the cells to communicate better in order to recover tissue cohesion and dermal density, reinforces the epidermal barrier and nutrition, enhances radiance and boosts hydration thanks to Cellular Water. All this combined with the beneficial gestures of the Institut Esthederm professional signature.

Active Repair

The anti-wrinkle that restores transparency and refines skin texture.

Lift & Repair

Smoothed wrinkles, resculpted volumes, redesigned oval. Lifting cream or plumping balm, choose your custom-made treatment.


A complete collection of emergency beauty care products: for each indication, a targeted molecule, two months to recover sublime skin.

Sun care

Institut Esthederm builds its range of sun care products, creams and sun protection products according to 4 skin types and 3 levels of sun intensity.


Tolerant skins: they tan quickly, are generally matte and rarely get sunburned.
Sensitive tolerant skin : it burns faster than it tans. They are clear, even milky, and blush easily, like those of young children.
Intolerant skin: it reacts in an abnormal way during sun exposure: redness, burning sensation, discomfort.
Skin that is deficient in the sun: it is weakened by medication or hormonal treatments, pregnant women, scars, pigment spots.